Wiki Textbook of eHealth

Wiki Textbook of eHealth

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Wiki is a collaboratively-edited collection of web-based content and structure created by the users, for the users. Wikipedia is the largest wiki, powered by the Mediawiki software. During one of our ProDENTS meet, we had a discussion about the relevance of a wiki, specific for eHealth. eHealth is a relatively nascent specialty with a structure […]

Patient Controlled and Contributed Health Record

Hamilton (HL10): Patient Controlled and Contributed Health Record using OpenMRS

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Patient Controlled and Contributed Health Record Patient Controlled and Contributed Health Record (PCCHR) is an openMRS module that allows patients to login to the system and enter self-monitored healthcare data. Patients can give access to their circle of care. Clinicians can login and view their patient data just like any other EMR. PCCHR has a uniform data model for […]

CoderCamp Hamilton

CoderCamp was born from the spirit of BarCamp, and has evolved into a monthly mini-conference. CoderCamp is for local software developers to learn tools, techniques, and technologies from one another in a casual and friendly setting. We meet to talk about coding, software development, and technology to learn from each other and get better at what we […]

Cool HIT

The regular PRO{DENTS} – Hamilton Meet. Theme: HealthIT Venue: Wendy’s near McMaster Read the rules of engagement for PRO{DENTS} meet. Join Us!


DemoCamp is a show & tell event for the regional tech and startup community.   DemoCamp will start off with a keynote by Wave CEO Kirk Simpson.  Wave is one of Canada’s most significant startups, having reached more than 1.3 million registered users, raised over $35 million in venture funding from top VCs in Silicon […]